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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Teguh Sukaryo plays Brahms' Handel Variations Op. 24 (Complete)

from Teguh Sukaryo's debut CD.

photo and drawings by Heleen Landolt.
cover design by Yosi Gunawan.
it is copyrighted.
PS. the poor sound here does not do justice to the actual sound quality of the CD

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3:


Teguh Sukaryo plays Beethoven Waldstein 3rd mov.

Get your copy of Teguh Sukaryo's latest album:
Mompou, Brahms & Mussorgsky in your local music stores, today!

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

David Guetta Feat. Kelly Rowland - When Love Takes Over

"When Love Takes Over" is a song by French DJ David Guetta, featuring main vocals by American singer Kelly Rowland. Recorded and composed by Guetta, Rowland, Miriam Nervo, Olivia Nervo, and Fred Rister for Guetta's fourth studio album, One Love (2009), the track was released digitally as the album's lead single in May (see 2009 in music). It has peaked at number one in the UK and Ireland and has charted within the Top 10 of many other European countries, as well as charting in North America.

Rowland met Guetta while attending one of his techno shows in South France in summer 2008. She later met up with him and asked him to show her one of his tracks and what he showed her was a "pop number built around a lush piano loop and throbbing percussion" which was the early works of "When Love Takes Over." The beat moved Rowland to tears. "I felt so much emotion from the track; something happened the first time I heard it, and it was just beautiful," she said. Guetta, meanwhile, is banking on the single to garner a stronger stateside following.[1]

After being moved by DJ Guetta's track Rowland took the song to London and began to work on lyrics. The finished product was released in March at Miami's Ultra Music Festival. "I had spent nights dancing in the South of France from 12:45 a.m. to 8 in the morning," Rowland said, "but I had never thought about recording a dance track myself. Hearing David's song made me consider taking on this whole new style." "The track with Kelly has made me experiment with a more American urban influence," Guetta says. "Musically, it's opened a new world for me. It's pure pop with a lot of detail, and Kelly had this Whitney Houston vibe and nailed it."

"A collaboration with French DJ David Guetta , 'When Love Takes Over' is further evidence that Rowland may no longer be resigned to living in Beyoncé's shadow. Fusing classic dance beats with a heady, emotionally-charged vocal, it's a world away from the midtempto R&B numbers with which she started her solo career. In fact, this packs a punch from the very first listen, meaning it could well become one of the summer anthems of 2009."

The teaser for "When Love Takes Over" was released on May 26, 2009 by David Guetta on his official YouTube page. Jonas Åkerlund directed the video.[2][3]

In the teaser for the video, Guetta went on to say the plot of the video is similar to the song, "You see Kelly walking her path, her story and me on the other side." In the clip you can see Kelly walking alone down a road, and singing on the beach as the sun is setting. Guetta is seen pushing his DJ equipment around town until they meet at at party. "They share that love and share it with the other people to make that big party," said Guetta. In the end Rowland and Guetta meet up and finish the song at the party.[4] The video was released to YouTube on June 4, 2009

In the United Kingdom, it was originally scheduled to be released digitally and physically on 15 June, 2009 however two other versions of the song by Airi L appeared and so the digital version was brought forward to 11 June, 2009 instead.[5] "When Love Takes Over" debuted on the UK Singles Chart on 14 June, 2009 at number seven. On 21 June, 2009 the single climbed to number one, becoming Kelly Rowland's second number one in the UK.[6][7] It has also peaked at number one on the Irish Singles Chart.

In the U.S. the song is gaining popularity slowly, mainly due to heavy-airplay at radio-stations, the song has sold so far 45,510 downloads in two weeks.


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