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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fastest Flight of the Bumblebee in the World!


Guinness claim ID 211729. EM&T school music This in may 2008. This is NOT a music video, or musical in nature, I have other videos for music. This is ONLY a demonstration of alternate picking speed, and the technique used to obtain that speed on the music "flight of the bumble bee. Keep the video responses coming.


Velocidad De la Guitarra Del Expediente De Mundo

Скорость Гитары Мировойа рекорд

Record mondiale di velocità con chitarra".

세계 신기록 기타 속도

Velocità Del Guitar Dell'Annotazione Di Mondo

Ταχύτητα κιθάρων παγκόσμιων αρχείων
Weltrekord-Guitarre Geschwindigkeit
itesse De Guitare De Disque Du Monde

Guitar van het Verslag van de wereld Snelheid


Wereldrecord snelheid op de gitaar
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